Ellinger, Jim: What is Community Radio

Posted on November 27th, 2018 in Radio by LeGov

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Community Radio is one of the most personal forms of radio.  It exists world-wide and provides basic information in times of crises and normalcy.

Jim Ellinger, of Austin Airwaves (http://austinairwaves.blogspot.com/), is our guest in this edition of Radio Curious. He is known for his lifelong fascination with the medium of radio.

In describing Austin Airwaves Ellinger wrote:  It is an independent community media group based in Austin, TX. In recent years it has been most involved in establishing and developing community-based FM radio stations, both low and full power. Increasingly these stations have been in developing nations including Haiti, Borneo, Panama, Mozambique, and most-recently Cameroon, as well as in post-disaster communities in the United States, including New Orleans and Houston, post-Katrina and Wimberley, Texas, after a deadly flood.

As is revealed on Ellinger’s website, austinairwaves.blogspot.com, he now “spends much of his time and effort assisting a variety of media, co-op and business groups around the world. Ellinger has visited more than 100 cities in 25 countries and territories since 9/11.” He is an international leader in emergency broadcasting technology for disaster management.

When Jim Ellinger visited with Radio Curious by phone from his home in Austin, Texas, he began by telling the story of when he first became involved with radio.

The book Jim Ellinger recommends is “The Man Who Planted Trees: A Story of Lost Groves, the Science of Trees, and a Plan to Save the Planet,” by Jim Robbins.

This program was recorded on November 17, 2018.

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