Credits and Thanks

Christina Aanestad is the assistant and post interview producer, and program coordinator; Janet Mendell is the assistant producer for feedback and support; Hanna Vogel and Molly Vogel provide new ideas and perspectives.

Gregg McVicar, producer of Undercurrents Radio, is the technical adviser to whom Radio Curious is very grateful for his advice and patience.

“The Last Cowboy,” written and performed by Peter Elman, is the Radio Curious theme music from his CD “Durango Saloon,” and used by permission.

Other people who have helped to make Radio Curious audible:

Sean Donovan, who in 1989 suggested I host an interview program; Michael Reimenschneider who created the original website; and his brother Paul Riemenschneider who followed suit; Jacob Turner, entrepreneur of Ringnebula Systems, who provides information systems and network consulting and administration services in Mendocino County;  Janine Lieberman; Hannah Bird, Mary Hooper; Steve Scalmanini; Mathew L. Brady; Ollie Prax-Lodge;  and Jessica Clark.

And businesses that deserve special thanks:

Needle Doctor, for turntable and audio needs –

The Sound Professionals for recording equipment —