Barry Vogel, Esq.

Host and Producer of Radio Curious.

I like to ask questions about life and ideas.  These interviews provide some answers.

My desire to create mental images from radio voices comes from my childhood memories of awakening in a warm bed on wintry Saturday mornings, listening to “Let’s Pretend.”  The end of those all-too-short weekends was heralded each Sunday evening by the booming voice of Walter Winchell greeting “Mr. and Mrs. America” with the news of the week, as the wafting aroma of a family dinner yielded yet another invisible wonder.  Fifteen years later, my first regular radio programs were broadcast in Peru, where I was a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Radio Curious

In December 2016, The Library of Congress invited Radio Curious to lodge the archives of past and future programs with its collection of recorded sound.  The show first aired on Mendocino County Public Broadcasting in 1991. Currently it is aired on public radio stations throughout North America and beyond.  It’s available here, on the Pacifica Network and the Public Radio Exchange.  Archive editions of Radio Curious are added regularly to this website.  The email is; postal mail is 700 W Smith St., Ukiah, California 95482; phone is (707)621 5075.

The offices of Radio Curious are located in the General Specialties Building, Ukiah, California, 95482.  I  worked there from 1974 to Independence Day 2018, as a country attorney, protecting defending clients’ personal rights and rights to social justice. In addition I provided mediation services, and confidential legal advice and counsel on a wide variety of topics.   The resources garnered in that endeavor help support my radio habit.