Zeig, Dr. Jeff: Below the Radar of Your Mind

Posted on July 26th, 2017 in Psychology/Psychiatry,Self-Identity by LeGov

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How to get below the radar of your mind and what to do once you’re there is the topic of this edition of Radio Curious. One goal is to reach the quantum of personal leaning in the sub-conscious mind and bring that experiential knowledge to the conscious mind of daily life. A trusted guide is often beneficial.

Our guest is Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, in another conversation about the Ericksonian approach to psychotherapy. He is the founder and director of the Milton Erickson Foundation and a clinical psychologist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Zieg has directed multiple conferences on the evolution of psychotherapy including the 11th Milton Erickson Psychotherapy Conference where he and I met in December 2011, in Phoenix, Arizona.

We began our conversation when I asked him about the history of psychotherapy.

The books Dr. Jeff Zeig recommends are “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as well as the books written by Leo Tolstoy.

Jeff Zeig’s website is www.jeffzeig.com.
The MIlton Erickson Foundation website is

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