Tom Weidlinger: “The Restless Hungarian”

Posted on January 19th, 2016 in American History,World History by LeGov

The true, but stranger than fiction life story of Paul Weidlinger, characterized as The Restless Hungarian, is the topic of this edition of Radio Curious.    At age 25 Weidlinger , who hid his Jewish roots in plain view, fled to Bolivia to escape the Holocaust.   Five years later he resettled in the United States and became one of the most important and creative structural engineers of the 20th Century.

“The Restless Hungarian” is a book and a feature-length documentary about to be the 30th movie written and produced by Tom Weidlinger, Paul Weidlinger’s son.   The story is set against the larger canvas of the Hungarian Jewish Diaspora, and reflects the experiences of so many immigrants who made a name for themselves in America after World War II.

The Beaconreader,  which funds journalism projects around the world is currently hosting a crowd source fund for “The Restless Hungarian”.

When award winning film-maker Tom Weidlinger, a previous Radio Curious guest, and I visited by phone  on January 9, 2016, we began when I asked to explain how the life experience of his father Paul Weidlinger is relevant today.

The book Tom Weidlinger recommends is “Euphoria,” by Lily King.

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