Gross, Terry — Fresh Air

Posted on April 22nd, 2013 in American Society,Radio by LeGov

If you like interview programs perhaps you have listened to Fresh Air, produced in Philadelphia and broadcast regularly on public radio stations, and hosted by a woman named Terry Gross, our guest on this edition of Radio Curious.  I wanted to know who she is, and what she does to prepare for and create Fresh Air.  I spoke with her by phone from her home near Philadelphia in 1994 and asked her how she does it, how does she put together so many interesting programs so frequently?

The books Terry Gross recommends are “Self-Consciousness: Memoirs,” by John Updike & “U and I,” Nicholson Baker.

Originally Broadcast: March 7th, 1994.

Click here to visit and listen to our archived program or click on the media player below.

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