Freed, Charlie — The Help and Solace of a Veterinarian

Posted on January 26th, 2010 in Animals,Education,Environment,Health,Kids by LeGov

Our animal friends and companions often fill important roles in our lives as we do in theirs. And when a beloved pet falls sick it is a veterinarian to whom we look to help make the lives of our pets, and ourselves, more healthy and happy.

Frank Grasse practiced veterinary medicine in Willits, California, and under the pen name, Charlie Freed, authored “Vet Tails: Small Stories, From A Small Town, Small Animal Veterinarian.” Freed described the daily emotional roller coaster of his 35 years of large and small animal medicine and shared what he  learned about the bond between us and our animals.

Hannah Bird, Assistant Producer at Radio Curious visited with ‘Charlie Freed’ on January 18th, 2010 and began by asking him to describe the special relationship between people and their animal pets.

Dr. Frank Grasse passed away in 2011.

The book that ‘Charlie Freed’ recommends is “Marnie,” by Winston Graham.

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