Baur, Gene — Do You Really Want To Eat Factory Farmed Food?

Posted on March 22nd, 2009 in Food,Uncategorized by LeGov

Do you know how the food you eat is raised? In this conversation host and producer Attorney Barry Vogel visits with Gene Baur, author of  “Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts And Minds About Animals And Food.” Gene Baur is the president and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary, the nations leading farm animal protection organization, which advocates the fair treatment of farm animals, a return to the roots of agriculture and the end of animals suffering for our consumption.

I spoke with Gene Baur at our studio in Ukiah, California on March 22nd, 2009 and began by asking what brought him to be involved in food and it’s production.

The book Gene Baur recommends is “Calling All Radicals: How Grassroots Organizers Can Save Our Democracy,” by Gabriel Thompson

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