Dr. Ron Epstein – Genetically Modified Food, Part Two

Posted on September 4th, 1998 in Food,Genetics,Health,Mendocino County,Science by LeGov

Not so long ago in human history, wars were fought with sticks, slings and rocks. Now, with the ability to modify the DNA of disease causing organisms, war is very different. Evidence is appearing that genetically engineered war has, in fact, been used in our world. With this program, Radio Curious will begin a series of discussions on environmental and social effects of genetically engineered war. This program’s guest is Dr. Ron Epstein, a research professor at the Institute of World Religions in Berkeley, California, and a lecturer in the Philosophy Department at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California. We discussed the scientific and ethical dangers of genetic engineering.

Dr. Ron Epstein recommends “The Cobra Event,” by Richard Preston & “Biotech Century,” by Jeremy Rifkin.

Originally Broadcast: September 4, 1998

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