Lillian B. Vogel, Ph.D.

This page is dedicated to my mother, Lillian B. Vogel, Ph.D., who died of old age on December 29, 2017, after 108 well lived years.

She was a Radio Curious guest in 2009.  We discussed her thoughts about life, and her book “What’s My Secret: 100 Years of Memories and Reflections,” which she published in that year on her 100th birthday.  The audio of our visit may be found here.

“What’s My Secret” is available here as a gift to you.  It is found below in 10 parts and free to download or read on line.  We ask that you respect copyright laws and do not sell or post this work without prior written permission from me.

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Barry Vogel, Radio Curious Host and Producer — Attorney, Counselor and Mediator.